Landscape loft

Cadzand, Netherlands @24H


The works were realized from sketch to last screw in close collaboration with Rotterdam based architect Maartje Lammers / 24H.

On a historical farm site in the rural landscape of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen a redevelopment and revitalization strategy for a private Belgian client was conceived.

The strategy consists of the realization of a prefabricated wooden structure as and extension to the existing wooden barn. Below the wooden roof a high detailed concrete block is created topped of with a hidden retreat. The exterior of the extension is clad in Padouk lattices and are openable through a system of hydraulic pistons.

The polished concrete flooring contain a sunken seating area and cantilevers over the in-situ cast concrete pool. The exterior of the wooden extension is clad in Padouk lattices to cover the wooden frames filled with diagonal polished wired glass.

The overall strategy for energy is the use of a biomass wood fuelling stove. The rainwater is harvested to feed a grey water system for part of the sanitary.

The American walnut plywood roof is carried by an Iroko structure. The mix of dark varnished wood and rough concrete is gently contrasted by the plush red sunken seating. The sunken seating is shaped around an ufinished steel pipe over the fire pit.

Materials have been chosen from local suppliers proven to have only certified woods and necessary FSC labels.


The incredible hand stitched natural leather floor is made to measure and is placed on top of the furniture like finished concrete blocks. The leather floor is lined with wooden slabs to create an intimate retreat below the roof structure.