American spirit

Cadzand, Netherlands @24H


The works were realized from sketch to last screw in close collaboration with Rotterdam based architect Maartje Lammers / 24H.

A house with 7 species of wood. A Belgian fashion designers family invested a few years ago in a old Dutch farm. Just an hour from Brussels, an amazing American-style wooden house that looks like it's straight out of the Rockies was created in close partnership with the family. The weekend house is located on the border-edge between mondaine Knokke Belgium and the Dutch Polders of Zeeuws Vlaanderen.

The family preferred the calm of an old farm lost in the middle of the fields over high fashion Knokke: "we chose this place for its views, its light and the proximity of the sea.

The pre-existing farmer's house was razed to start from scratch and build their project.

The result: a house with American accents dear to the family, and made of three materials: wood, glass and slate.The house is a real skeleton of wood, resting on concrete blocks. Seven different types of wood were used for its design between the beams, the floor, the ceiling, the walls ...

The house is built around a thick wall of central schist stone running inside and outside, on the left of which are kitchen, living room, dining room, and library, and on the right, rooms and rooms bathroom. The whole is surrounded by large windows, offering a magnificent view of the surrounding nature.


The incredible wooden floor made to measure also runs both inside and out: "This floor is the same as that of the Bellerose boutique on rue Jacob in Paris. We had tested it there, and as the result was conclusive we adapted it here.
It is made of over 2000 jatoba wooden planks, each of which has been laser cut and numbered. Then there was only to assemble them. "

The family conceives the house as a place of life, and as a place that looks like them. They decorated it as they like to create their own collections, that is to say in our their style.

Most of the furniture was found by the oldest son, a fan of Scandinavian, Italian and Brazilian designers. The family undoubtedly appreciates the minimalist design and their particular forms, combining the notions of stripped and sensual and giving them a powerful elegance.